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表千家同門会米国東部支部第9回講習会開催 9th Annual Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Region USA Workshop in Washington D.C.

Event Date: August 9-11, 2019

ワシントンDC ナショナルプレスクラブで表千家不審菴(京都)から来米した伊藤善夫



















The Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Region USA was privileged to have the

attendance of Yoshio Itoh Sōshō and Michiteru Kumakura Kōshi of Omotesenke

Fushin’an in Kyoto at its 9 th Annual Workshop. The event was held at the National Press

Club in Washington DC, and approximately 60 Domonkai members not only from

Washington but also from the New York Metropolitan, Florida, Philadelphia, and Seattle

districts attended.

Once a year, this event provides a unique opportunity for our teachers and certificate

holders as well as our general membership to receive, at their respective levels, training

in the Fushin’an traditions and how they are kept alive in the changing contemporary

world. We struggle with maintaining the traditions of Chanoyu here on the other side of

the world and in a very different environment from Japan, creatively trying to use the

resources we have to practice and introduce the Omotesenke way of tea in the U.S.

This year we were again fortunate to learn directly from Itoh Sōshō and Kumakura

Kōshi many valuable lessons not available through books.

The Sōshō’s lecture was about Rokurokusai and accompanied by a publication titled

“Rokuroku.” Together they provided an easy to understand explanation of how this 11 th

generation Iemoto, who lived during the turbulent transitional period at the end of the

Edo and beginning of the Meiji era, was able to restore interest in Chanoyu in the face

of a declining interest in the world of tea. Rokurokusai set out on foot around the country

first visiting several connoisseurs of tea and its related arts in their home territories to

revive their interest and deepen ties with them. He then went on to gain support from

successful business leaders in the rapidly rising industrial world.

Considering that due to changes in the Japanese lifestyle Chanoyu is also at risk in

Japan today, it is important to recognize that the same may be even more true here in

the U.S. unless we think and act innovatively. We thus left the event strongly

encouraged to explore ways to keep Chanoyu alive here in the U.S.




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