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Event Date: 2/11/2024

旧正月の翌日に開催されたNY地区・PH特別地区合同初釜は、寒さの中にも春の訪れを感じさせる穏やかな日に、市民の方々や東部支部の会員の方々と新春のお祝いをいたしました。マンハッタンにあるグローバス和室をお借りし、「点心」「濃茶」「薄茶」そして「福引」を楽しんでいただき、和やかに「一期一会」のひとときを過ごすことができました。参加者の方々から「素晴らしかった」「一座建立の一時だった」などのお言葉をいただきました。会場となった茶室と和室はNYのGlobus 氏の別宅をご厚意でお借りいたしました。場所のご提供感謝申し上げます。

Hatsugama 2024

The joint Hatsugama with the NY District and PH Special District was held the day after the Lunar New Year. On this calm day, we could feel the arrival of spring despite the cold, and we celebrated the New Year with members and guests of the Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Region. 

We enjoyed a "light meal" along with "thick tea," "thin tea," and a "lottery" and were able to spend an "Ichigo Ichie" moment together. We received many kind comments from the participants, such as "It was wonderful" and "It was a moment for the Ichiza Konryu." 

We appreciate Mr. Steven Globus, who kindly shared his Japanese-style rooms in Manhattan. The tea room and Japanese-style rooms used as the venue were generously provided by Mr. Globus for the occasion. Thank you for your support.





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