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松風荘 秋の茶会

Event Date: 10/1/2022


Shofuso Fall Tea Ceremony

Although there are still concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we held a calm and enjoyable tea gathering at Shofuso. It was a chilly and cloudy day when an autumn rain front was approaching. We had the thin tea for the first time in three years in the Shoin Hiroma with Nagaita Futatsu Kazari while looking out at the beautiful Japanese garden. About 50 citizens and members attended. The thick tea in the Masudoko room was solemnly attended by members of the Domonkai Eastern Region USA; Mr. Yamaguchi of Urasenke; Mr. Yokoyama, head of Shofuso; and Ms. Honda, director of Omotesenke Eastern Region USA. We look forward to serving Omotesenke-style thick tea to the general public as soon as possible.





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