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Demonstration and Workshop by Omotesenke style Chanoyu Club at the Penn State

Event Date: 3/23/2023

今回は、ガールスカウト4名と引率責任者2名がPenn State茶の湯クラブを訪問。Penn Stateの学生によるお点前、そして着物姿の学生がお茶とお菓子を差し上げました。お茶の頂き方、ご挨拶の仕方などを体験して頂きました。皆さん、正座でお茶を堪能して頂きました。茶の湯クラブの学生は、初めて着物を着て、茶室に座って美味しいお菓子とお茶をいただくことに感動したようです。自分を美しく整え、清められた茶室でただお茶を飲むだけでこれほど満足するということを改めて感じてもらってようです。茶道とは実体験があってこそ感動できるということを伝えることができました。

Four Girl Scouts and two instructors visited the Penn State Chanoyu Club this time. A Penn State student demonstrated the tea ceremony, and students dressed in kimonos and served tea and sweets. The guests learned how to have tea and how to greet each other. Everyone sat down in the tea room and enjoyed the tea. The students of the Chanoyu Club were impressed by wearing kimonos for the first time, sitting in the tea room, and enjoying delicious sweets and tea. It is as if they can feel how satisfying it is to prepare themselves beautifully and drink tea in a purified tea room. You could say that the tea ceremony can only be felt by experiencing it.





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