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シアトル桜祭り・日本文化フェスティバルで 茶の湯プレゼンテーションを実施

Event Dates: April 14, 15, and 16, 2023


Chanoyu Presentations at The Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival

The The Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival was initiated by a gift of 1,000 cherry trees given to Seattle on May 8, 1976, by Japan’s former Prime Minister, Takeo Miki, commemorating America’s bicentennial and the long friendship between the people of Japan and the State of Washington. Today, the Festival is the largest and oldest of its kind in the Northwest. Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, is a reminder to celebrate life, and the pink petals carried on the breeze at the first Festival engendered that thought.

This year, demonstrations of traditional Japanese arts, such as Ikebana, calligraphy, tea ceremony, taiko, koto, and martial arts, were presented on stage—Seattle special district presented chanoyu demonstrations at the special mini stage, which UW Chanoyu Club members conducted.

There were also special guests invited from Wakayama Prefecture. They brought Edo Karakuri Dolls, which are Wind-up mechanical wooden dolls. Edo Karakuri Tea Carrying Doll offered a bowl of tea to Chanoyu instructors in the pop-up tea room.



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