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Cultural Conversations: “Welcoming through the Japanese Tea Ceremony“

Event Date: 10/25/2022

シアトル市近隣のCity of Bellevue から茶の湯デモンストレーションのご依頼をいただきましたので実施いたしました。


そのため、市では2010年より年間に数回にわたって開催する”Cultural Conversations”というシリーズの文化イベントが実施されています。この開催目的は、女性を対象に、民族や文化を超えて地元コミュニティーの人々との絆を結ぶための多文化交流を推進すること、と掲げられています。

10月は、“Welcoming through the Japanese Tea Ceremony“という、「茶の湯の紹介」がテーマになっています。開催場所の確保、イベントの告知、参加予約などは、すべて市で行っていただきました。



Cultural Conversations, a program conducted by the City of Bellevue, is in its thirteenth season. It has transformed relationships and perspectives among diverse women in the community, through education and storytelling and by providing a safe space for community connection.

The City of Bellevue is now an important IT industry center in the US. The population is growing with new immigrants moving to the city from around the world.

Cultural Conversations continues its in-person programming via welcoming, storytelling, and connecting people through a poignant tea ceremony presented by the Seattle Special district. We expected the event to attract a small number of people for a table conversation, but many more people signed up than we expected.

During this presentation, guests received an overview of the history of the tea ceremony. Randomly selected attendees also participated in the tea ritual following the demonstration. Conversations with attendees were the best part of this event.



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