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International Festival at Georgetown University

Event Date: 11/6/2022



We held a tea ceremony demonstration and workshop for MBA students at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. We used our newly purchased four-and-a-half tatami room mats, thanks to the Tobu Shibu for its support. Each session was opened by a PowerPoint presentation explaining of history of "chanoyu." Then one D.C. member entered the room as the shokyaku. They were followed by two (or more) students who learned how to enter the tatami room, receive sweets, drink a bowl of tea, and interact with other guests during the tea ceremony.

Other students who sat in chairs and observed the ceremony enjoyed sweets and a bowl of tea. Many of them participated in the workshop after the demonstration and learned how to make their own tea. They began by warming up their bowl, then made their own tea and enjoyed tasting it with homemade higashi. All participants seemed to truly appreciate this special occasion. Many enthusiastic questions were asked throughout the event, and we received a lot of positive feedback afterward, such as "amazing" and other encouraging comments.





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