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Public Tea Gathering at the Chanoyu Center

Event Date: October 20, 2019





The first public tea gathering was held at the Chanoyu Center. The main purpose of this center is to introduce the Omotesenke style of tea culture. At the same time, this center allows any certified instructor to perform a public tea gathering. One of the guests recently moved to NYC from Tibet, and this was her first Japanese tea ceremony. She went to a Chinese tea ceremony a week before this event.

When a certified instructor, gave a short lecture about the hanging scroll and the history of tea culture and the performance, the Tibetan lady sat still, listening to the lecture. She said that the concept of the Japanese tea ceremony is similar to that of Zen when compared to the Chinese tea ceremony.

She truly enjoyed the wagashi and bowl of tea, and expressed interest in attending upcoming tea events. In conclusion, we accomplished the mission to introduce Omotesenke Chanoyu to the general public.

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Globus Family for their support to us.





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