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The Seattle Japanese Garden Moon Viewing Event

Event Date: September 13, 2019

シアトル日本庭園 中秋の名月 イベントで、観月茶会を開催致しました。お月見のお供えの設と、京都風お月見団とお抹茶で、お客様をおもてなし致しました。日本のお月見の歴史をご紹介し、ロウソクの灯りを灯したお茶室で、三席共に満席のお客様に、幽玄なひと時を楽しんで頂きました。

Our group held a moon-viewing tea ceremony at the Seattle Japanese Garden in celebration of the year’s harvest moon on September 13. We served our guests traditional Kyoto style otsukimi-dango, which are white dumplings made with rice, and matcha tea. We also taught them about the history of the moon-viewing in Japan. Our guests especially enjoyed the pensive atmosphere of the tea room lit by candles for each of the three seatings (6:15, 7:15, and 8:15 pm). 



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