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Workshop and Introduction to Tea Ceremony at the Japan Society

Event Date: February 26, 2020







It was the first attempt by about 60 people to make tea at once on their own. It seems it was quite successful.

It took a long time to prepare for 60 sets of tea bowls, chasen, tea scoops, and chakin from Nara Takayama.

We placed a layout drawing on paper for each participant, showing the position where everything should be set.

Each instructor of the Tobu -shibu was in charge of 6 people at each table.

The participants warmed the tea whisk and the bowls, made the tea, and learned how to drink the tea, then rinsed the bowl and the tea whisk and returned all to the original position.

Starting with the lecture, watching the tea demonstration, and workshops, we had a lot of good feedback that the participants all had a lot of fun. They enjoyed learning about preparing the tools, cleaning the tools, how to shake the tea whisk, the amount of tea and hot water.

For Q & A, many participants asked questions, and the workshop was very meaningful.

For the curious New Yorkers, I feel that it would be a good idea to regularly hold these workshops so that people could more experience tea in the future.




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