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メリーランド大学バルチモア校(UMBC) デモンストレーションとワークショップ

Event Date: 4/21/2023


University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Demonstration and Workshop

The Washington D.C. Chapter visited The University of Maryland - Baltimore County. The D.C. Chapter provided a Chanoyu (Way of Tea) presentation and demonstration to 16 students currently studying Japanese. We explained a brief history of tea, followed by a demonstration on the tatami floor mat in furo otemae by one of the D.C. Chapter members. Three students volunteered to sit on the tatami floor in seiza and learned the etiquette of how to eat sweets and drink tea. After the presentation, a workshop was provided to all the participants, including three teachers. Everyone appreciated the experience of Chanoyu and enjoyed their first bowl of tea.





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