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Chanoyu Demonstration, Lynn University

Event Date: 2/11/19

Lynn University Libraryで表千家流の茶の湯の紹介をしております。Lynn Universityは日本文化に力を入れておりますので大変人気のあるプログラムです。

In the past few years, the Library of Lynn University has been strong supporter of Japanese culture and Cha no Yu demo has been held in the library, where Tsukasa Cherkaoui, a member of Mihori shachu, has been working for. This demo is very popular among students and workers there.




Chanoyu Demonstration and Tryout + Sampling, Festival of Nations, FAU

Event Date: 4/11/19 Festival of Nations はFAUの学生、教員、職員の文化的背景の多様性を祝うお祭りです。FAUの茶の湯のクラスの学生が一緒に日本文化紹介のため立礼で茶の湯のデモと書道のデモを行いました。 Festival of Nations is to celebrate big cultural diversity at FAU Community.


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