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Public Tea Ceremony @the Place 229

Event Date: 4/20/2024

恒例のThe Place 229での春の茶会は各回10名のゲストで計3回行った。まず地区長である都築映子氏が開会の挨拶をし、今回の茶会は能登半島大地震の復興を支援する為の茶会である事を述べた。立礼式がいつどのように発展したかをエドワードアカリ氏が紹介し、今回の茶会は能登で造られた道具を使っている事、その他取り合わせの道具の説明。その後ゲストにお茶を差し上げ質疑応答、道具の拝見をした。点前の後、ゲストは2階に移り各自御茶を点てて頂いた。都築映子氏によりお茶の点て方の説明、お茶を点てる道具として家庭でも使える物などについて話した。茶会においてゲストが実際自分でお茶を点てる事は初めてで、皆様とても楽しんでおられた。

Three sessions were held, consisting of 10 guests each. Eiko Tsuzuki made opening remarks, noting that in addition to being our annual spring chakai, this event was a fundraiser to assist in the Noto Peninsula’s recovery from the devastating earthquake on January 1, 2024. Ed Arcari introduced the ryurei style of tea and how and when it developed in Japan. The tea utensils chosen for this chakai were all made by artisans from the Noto peninsula and were presented to the guests. A question and answer session followed, and guests could look at the utensils up close. 

After each ryurei session, the guests went to the second floor, where tea bowls and utensils were set up on tables for everyone. Eiko Tsuzuki discussed the origins of tea and what one could use from home as utensils for tea. Afterward, she instructed everyone on how to make their bowl of tea. This was a new event for The Place 229; everyone thoroughly enjoyed making tea. 





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