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「ワシントン大学 茶の湯クラブ初釜」


シアトル特別地区からの行事報告です。 ワシントン大学茶の湯クラブの今年最初のお茶室でのお稽古、初釜を行いました。




University of Washington Chanoyu Club, Hatsugama

(the first tea practice of the year)

They have been practicing three times a month in a classroom (without drinking tea) and once a month in a tearoom since January, however, due to the spreading of the new COVID infection, we called off a meeting at the tearoom last month.

Today we had a Hatsugama at the tearoom with a hanging scroll, flower arrangement, and Daisu (shelf) in the tearoom, which are the typical New Year's celebration decorations. They were served a bento box, a bowl of white miso soup, and sweets first. Then they had the first experiencing of Koicha tea. They seemed to enjoy very much the Hatsugama tradition in a tearoom.



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