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Public Tea Gathering at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Event Date: September 24, 2019

ブルックリンボタニックガーデンでの市民茶会。日本庭園内の池のすぐ近くの東屋に、組み立て式(Donated Globus Family) の中板2畳のステージを設置し、半屋外での茶会。気持ちの良い秋風をかんじながら、日本庭園の散策と茶会で、参加された方は忙しい日常を忘れ、一座建立を楽しんだ。お茶と茶道の歴史、現在にあった茶道の楽しみ方、正式なお茶会などを説明し、参加者からのQ&Aも楽しんだ。

後援 Globus Family

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Globus Family for their support and to BBG for helping plan this event.

We held a tea ceremony inside the pavilion in the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The two mat tea room was created using tatami mats that were kindly donated by the Globus family. 

During the ceremony, we were able to provide insight for our guests using a microphone, and afterward, we explained the history of chanoyu during the question and answer session. 

Our guests were able to enjoy the beautiful vista of the torii gate, pond, and garden from the pavilion while enjoying our performance. The incense enveloped the room, carried on a pleasant autumn breeze, while clouds lazily floated by. We hope our guests were able to gain a respite from their busily daily lives through the enjoyment of a simple cup of tea and some sweets on this beautiful day. 

Supported by Globus Family




Weekly Tea Practice for Tea Ceremony Club at Fort Hamilton High School

FH高校(Brooklyn, NY) の茶道部は2023年3月に同門会員である生徒が中心となって発足し、1年間の活動を無事に終えました。 2023年9月からは学校茶道認定校として活動を始め、毎週の部活動で茶道の作法や精神を学び、日本の伝統文化や茶道の魅力を伝えています。他のクラブの依頼で浴衣を着て茶会を開催し茶道部員は初めて影点てなど水屋体験をするなど、先生や生徒達からも大変茶道に関して興味を持っ


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